New Call of Duty Advance Warfare Play Trailer

New Call of Duty Advance Warfare Play Trailer

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare is still three weeks to go until its released, but Activision released a launch trailer for all its fan. They are aiming to make gameplay more like a movie or like you’re right in the action.

The trailer is spliced up with clips of gameplay and features Kevin Spacey as the games main villain. Spacey plays Jonathan Irons, the head of military corporation Atlas, which…

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Google Announces Android Lollipop, Nexus 6, and Nexus 9

Google Announces Android Lollipop, Nexus 6, and Nexus 9

Google has finally put the official name on Android L, which will come to be known as Android Lollipop. It also announced the first two devices to run Android L: the HTC Nexus 9 tablet and the Motorola Nexus 6. Google also unveiled its first Android TV: the Nexus Player. Built by Asus, the hockey puck-shaped device is a ” first-of-its-kind Android gaming device,” Google says.

Sundar Pichai,…

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Dropbox Denies 7 Million Accounts Were Hacked

Dropbox Denies 7 Million Accounts Were Hacked

Dropbox is at the centre of a leak scandal, following the releasing of 400 usernames and passwords by an anonymous user on Pastebin.

The hacker claims the initial dump is just a portion of the 6,937,081 Dropbox accounts he claims to have compromised on Tuesday. He then requested Bitcoins in payment before he would allow access to more accounts.

Dropbox claims these password are from another…

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Business owners and ethically-conscious reviewers alike have been making moves away from the…

Business owners and ethically-conscious reviewers alike have been making moves away from the massive online review site, Yelp; citing allegations that the reviewer might not be as business-friendly as once thought.

Many business owners have complained about unfair “extortion” by the site, alleging aggressive calls and frequent approaching by yelp representatives to partner with them. Many of…

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Prolific Leaking Account Evleaks Under Federal Investigation

Prolific Leaking Account Evleaks Under Federal Investigation

One of the tech industry’s most prolific product leakers has gone dark. Evan Blass, better known by the Twitter account @evleaks, recently announced he is retiring after two years of leaking phones and tablets from companies like HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung.

Evan Blass said, in an interview with The Next Web,  that him leaving the account has come down to money. He couldn’t monetize his Twitter…

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Get Your Free Copy Of Dragon Age Origins Right Now

Get Your Free Copy Of Dragon Age Origins Right Now

In an awesome steal of a deal, EA’s bringer-of free-games, a.k.a. its on the house promotion released Dragon Age Origins, allowing people everywhere to get the game as a free PC download. This promotion comes just a month ahead of Dragon Age Inquisition’s release, set for sale on November 18th

And although the hype for Inquisition seems very exciting- it’s dubious to assume that it will live up…

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Apple Will Pull Bose Products From It’s Stores

Apple Will Pull Bose Products From It’s Stores

In the news recently you may have heard about San Francisco 49er’s QB being fined for wearing Beats headphones during a press conference. This is because of the NFL’s new exclusive contract for their high end headphones only being used on screen during press conferences and on the field by players and coaches. Recently Beats was also sued by Bose for a noise canceling patent that the company was…

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HTC Desire EYE and RE Camera Unveiled

HTC Desire EYE and RE Camera Unveiled

Selfies have become a cornerstone of popular culture with everyone from teenagers to the President of the United States taking them. The HTC Desire Eye will not only have a high quality rear camera but also a 13 MP front facing cameras. HTC wants to target teens who are always taking selfies, but they also want to ensure reports who are livestreaming can have high quality video or to make sure…

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Apple Sends Out Invites for Oct. 16 event

Apple Sends Out Invites for Oct. 16 event

Apple has finally sent out an invite to the press for the event where the company is expect to release new iPads.

The company sent out press invitations with the tagline “it’s been too long” on Wednesday to an event next week, where it’s expected to debut the next-generation iPad Air and iPad mini. The event will be held at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. at 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET.

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iOS 8 Install Stall at 50%

iOS 8 Install Stall at 50%

Adoption rates of iOS updates have normally be high and recording breaking. However, iOS 8 has stalled at 47%. Information Week says iOS 7 saw a 70% adoption rate around this time, but a large amount of space iOS 8 requires is stopping many users from installing. But iOS 8 installation rates remain stagnant, increasing in users just 1% since Sept. 21.

Now compared to KitKat, Android’s latest…

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