Project Wing Is Google’s Drone Delivery System

Project Wing Is Google’s Drone Delivery System

Amazon’s been the front runners with wanting to use drones to deliver packages to consumers, but Google’s also working on a drone delivery system in the Australian outback for over 2 years. Google unveiled their moonshot project through a YouTube video, no surprise, and along side a long form story via The Atlantic.

The Google X project, the same crew that’s worked to build driverless cars and…

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Apple Sent Invites Out For Sept. 9 Event

Apple Sent Invites Out For Sept. 9 Event

As expected Apple sent out invites for a September 9th event that will likely feature the new iPhone 6 and a smartwatch. Rumors of a new larger iPad will likely come out in a later October event just for the iPad. Apple is expected to pack the iPhone 6 with a larger screen, NFC, an all aluminum design, better Touch ID,  and all Saphire screen.

The invitation, which says “wish we could say more,”…

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Amazon Bought Twitch for $970 Million Cash

Amazon Bought Twitch for $970 Million Cash

Twitch, Amazon announced .Amazon is buying Twitch for $970 million in cash, but it’s yet to go through government approval. Amazon head Jeff Bezos is pretty excited about the deal and, apparently, about gaming:

“Broadcasting and watching gameplay is a global phenomenon and Twitch has built a platform that brings together tens of millions of people who watch billions of minutes of games each month…

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Instagram Introduces Hyperlapse to Create Time-Lapse Videos

Instagram Introduces Hyperlapse to Create Time-Lapse Videos

Instagram introduced a new standalone video recording app that allows users to create time-lapse videos. The app gives users the technology to record high-quality, stable time lapse videos on their mobile devices. The app makes creating time-lapse videos easy and inexpensive. Traditionally time-lapse videos required expensive equipment or a lot of patience.

The app is fairly bare bones with only…

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Coin’s Bluetooth Credit Card Delayed till Spring 2015

Coin’s Bluetooth Credit Card Delayed till Spring 2015

The digital credit card that promised to combine all your cards into one small package has been delayed from its summer launch to a Spring 2105 launch. The bluetooth enabled credit card could stand in as a card for up to other eight different cards, but the 20,000 pre-ordered cards won’t be produced as planned just yet. The company has been trying to improve the two year battery by only turning…

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Snapchat May Introduce Disappearing News

Snapchat May Introduce Disappearing News

Snapchat is a service where you can send pictures or videos that disappear after only a few seconds. I use the service everyday now to communicate with friends and family in a causal manner that includes pictures.  Snapchat has yet to monetize the service but it appears they are actively working on it.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Snapchat has been holding discussions with media companies…

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Google Acquires Messaging App Emu

Google Acquires Messaging App Emu

All summer long Google has been acquiring startups to improve upon their current apps and products they offer. Google has purchased Emu, a instant messaging with contextual intelligence in your conversations. Emu would surface its Yelp rating right within the stream of messages. Asking a friend if they wanted to see a movie on Friday? You’d be treated to a list of movies playing around you, and…

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Sprint Rescinds Bid for T-Mobile

Sprint Rescinds Bid for T-Mobile

Reports say that Sprint has abandoned its bid for T-Mobile after months of discussions of Sprint buying the carrier. The reports suggest that the regulatory hurdles would prevent any merger of the two companies. There have been dozens of rumors of  companies from Dish to DirecTv wanting to buy the mobile carrier. A merger would have hurt consumers with only three major carriers remaining after a…

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Pebble Introduces Bright New Limited Edition Colors

Pebble Introduces Bright New Limited Edition Colors

Pebble wants to keep its cool against the competition from Android Wear, and they are introducing three new colors to the Pebble watches. Joining Cherry Red, Jet Black, Arctic White, Orange and Grey, Pebble is now offering limited edition Fresh Green, Hot Pink and Fly Blue. As the names imply they are for folks who don’t mind standing out in a crowd. The watches come with flexible arm bands that…

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Amazon reportedly going after Square with its own credit card reader

Amazon reportedly going after Square with its own credit card reader

Amazon manages payments for its online service securely and millions of people trust the site with their financial information. Amazon has expanded its reach recently with a buy button for websites across the web. Now Amazon wants to build upon its customers trust and offer a credit card reader to compete with Square or Paypal. A copy of the inventory documentation provided to 9 to 5 Mac includes…

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