Is Twitter Furthering Freedom of Speech or are They in it to Generate a Profit?

Is Twitter Furthering Freedom of Speech or are They in it to Generate a Profit?

The internet has fundamentally changed the way humans connect and communicate, but governments across the world have struggled to understand and control the services hosted on the internet. One service in-particular, Twitter, has changed activism and political speech. Twitter’s been the backbone to the Arab Spring from voicing concerns, helping people organize protest, and getting the news of…

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Leaked icons show major redesign in Android

Leaked icons show major redesign in Android

If you use Google services across different services you may notice that the Google icons are different depending on Chrome OS, web, and Android. The icon refresh will also match what Google has attempted to do with Android and the rest of their metro/flat design across their sites. The look will give users a more fluid look across every platform, along with better branding. It’s unclear if this…

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Tech That Will Make You a Sammich’

Tech That Will Make You a Sammich’

Are you a terrible cook? Are you too lazy to follow new recipes? Are you a lover of technology? Or even all of the preceding? Well German appliance company Miele has the product for you. An oven that teaches you to cook.

Miele recently introduced a new line of luxury ovens that can turn any person into a supreme chef. This line is the Miele Generation 6000. The luxury derives from the meshing of…

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Cameras Within Contact Lenses?— Google Says Yes

Cameras Within Contact Lenses?— Google Says Yes

Imagine the Google Glass yet simpler. The most fundamental, yet revolutionary, ideal of Google’s beloved Glass is the aspect of the camera in the glasses on your face, capturing your daily life. But what if you could keep the camera but lose the tangible glasses? Google may just be travelling down that road.

Google has now applied for a U.S. patent for contact lenses that embed minuscule cameras…

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Facebook preparing mobile payment service

Facebook preparing mobile payment service

Facebook’s exploring ways to be more than a social network, and another way they plan on doing it is offering a payment system that will compete with Square. The Financial Times reports Facebook is gearing up to release a system that would compare to Square. Facebook has gained approval in Europe for a service that lets users send money and store money on Facebook.

The new payment options would…

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Amazon plans to introduce a smartphone in September

Amazon plans to introduce a smartphone in September

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Amazon plans to ship a glasses free 3D smartphone this June. In September Amazon will begin shipments of the smartphone. There was no mention of price is this report, but previous rumors had claimed the phone would be sold for free. Amazon’s device will use retina-tracking technology “embedded in four front-facing cameras” to achieve a 3D,…

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