Amazon Releases Amazon Wallet

Amazon Releases Amazon Wallet

Have you given Google Wallet, Apple Passbook, or Iris a try and nothing has met your needs? Amazon recently released a Wallet app to compete with other companies offerings. Amazon wallet will allow you collect your gift cards, loyalty programs, and membership cards in one place and will sync across different devices. They will be linked to your Amazon account, which means if you switch from the…

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Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker Review

Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker Review

The Misfit Shine isn’t just another fitness tracker. The Shine is a minimal yet stylish wearable device that is waterproof and can be used while swimming. The minimal design doesn’t display much information beyond progress, but the tracker doubles as a neat watch. The Shine is one of the most eye-catching fitness trackers that I’ve seen, and many of my friends have jumped on the stylish design…

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Twitter’s Updating How Manage Direct Messages on Mobile

Twitter’s Updating How Manage Direct Messages on Mobile

If you’ve used Twitter for long enough you’ve sent a few direct messages through the service. The direct messaging isn’t anything special, and really used as a way to get more contact info to have a conversation on a better messaging app. Twitter has had rumors swirling that the company might spin their dm into a separate app, but nothing has been done to move that forward. Syncing between…

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Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is Real

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is Real

After teasing us with a possible launch, Amazon has confirmed Kindle Unlimited, its all-you-can-read e-book subscription service. For $9.99 per month, Kindle Unlimited offers 600,000 books and “thousands” of audiobooks across a range of devices. It looks like a service many people would love to sign up for, but its still a question of if there is enough books to attracte people.

As expected, many…

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Airbnb Redesign for Desktop and Mobile

Airbnb Redesign for Desktop and Mobile

Airbnb unveiled a new design for its site and apps yesterday. The new design focuses on images and videos to showcase the room/rooms for rent. It’s designed to guide you straight to the best option available, while also offering an improved experience for hosts looking to rent out an extra room. Airbnb is pushing to become a cheap alternative to conventional hotels that make booking difficult and…

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Amazon Testing Kindle Unlimited Subscription Service

Amazon Testing Kindle Unlimited Subscription Service

Amazon has made subscription based services like Prime a core part of their business operations. Prime now offers instant movie and tv streaming, select books on loan, and free two-day shipping. Amazon posted some images of a Kindle Unlimited service which is like Oyster Books, a service like Netflix but for books.

GigaOm, which first reported on the subscription service, said many of the books…

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Google Losses Google Glass Creator to Amazon

Google Losses Google Glass Creator to Amazon

Babak Parviz, a Google X director, who help build and create Google Glass and more recently smart contact lenses announced via a Google+ post he will be leaving the company for an undisclosed role at Amazon. The move was first teased over the weekend in a post on Parviz’s Google+ page, followed by an update to his Google+ profile noting that he “led a few efforts at Google … prior to moving to…

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Snapchat Test Location Based Stickers

Snapchat Test Location Based Stickers

Snapchat is growing everyday, but the company still doesn’t have a way to turn a profit. While brands are following the teens onto the service, Snapchat has yet to find a way to make money off these interactions. Adding stickers for brands could be a way for Snapchat to make money while not displaying annoying ads that could cause many users to flew the popular service.

As discovered by Mail…

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Google’s Shutting Orkut

Google’s Shutting Orkut

When you think about Google’s attempt at social networking you picture Google+, Wave, but you may not remember Orkut. Today the company announced that the service will shut down completely on September 30. This isn’t a huge surprise considering Google has shifted its focus to Google+ and making it so powerful that users want to use the ghost town of a social network. 

After launching back in…

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Google Announced Android Fit

Google Announced Android Fit

Adidas, Nike, Withings, Intel, RunKeeper and a variety of other fitness companies are involved with Android Fit. Nike’s FuelBand wearables were specifically given a shoutout on-stage at Google’s I/O event this afternoon, where the initiative was announced.

The Google Fit platform is a set of APIs designed to manage all your fitness tracking apps, sensors and wearable devices. Once you give the…

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