Kickstarter Updates Terms of Use Mainly for Project Creators

Kickstarter Updates Terms of Use Mainly for Project Creators

Kickstarter has labeled itself as a middleman or platform that allows crowdfunding to occur, and they have stayed away from enforcing creators from fulfilling their campaigns promises. I’ve seen and participated in projects which have failed to complete their projects or they have greatly delayed the shipping date they have originally set. The company changed and simplified the language their…

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Destiny Opens Vehicle Based Multiplayer Starting Today

Destiny Opens Vehicle Based Multiplayer Starting Today

Have you been enjoying Destiny as much as I have? I’ve gone through the game and been playing in the Crucible. The game so far is spectacular and I’m currently writing a review on how I feel about the game.  Bungie doesn’t plan leaving its players without more gaming modes or without more options in the game.

Destiny will offer a fourth Crucible playlist. This time, it’s called Combined Arms,…

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Twitter for iOS 8 Update Brings New Profiles

Twitter for iOS 8 Update Brings New Profiles

Have you come to dislike the current Twitter profiles or want to interact with Tweets right from the notification area? Twitter’s update for iOS 8 has brought a new profile design that features your bio, Tweets, pictures, and favorites right front and center. The new profiles are snazzy and feature a wealth of information from a persons bio. The separated timelines for images/gifs, favorites, and…

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Amazon Released New Kindle E-Readers and Fire Tablets

Amazon Released New Kindle E-Readers and Fire Tablets

Amazon quietly unveiled 2 new Kindle e-readers and 4 new Fire tablets yesterday.  The Fire HD tablets, measuring 6-inches and 7-inches, with quad-core 1.5GHz processors, all day battery life, Dolby Digital Audio and access to all of Amazon’s services. Both will launch in black, white, cobalt, magenta and citron. The 6-inch model will retail for $99 while the 7-inch option will sell for $139.…

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I Switched from Android to iOS

I Switched from Android to iOS

My first smart phone was an Nexus device that I came to love, and I stuck with Nexus line of devices up until a few weeks ago. I switched to an iPhone 5S, but I still love and will continue to use Android. My switch came for numerous reasons, and some had to do with the adoption rate of Google services like Google Wallet. Apple has this distortion field that allows them to get not only consumers…

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Jolt Allows You to Wirelessly Charge a GoPro

Jolt Allows You to Wirelessly Charge a GoPro

I love my GoPro, and actively use it daily for capturing simple videos or in a harsh environment. The biggest hassle and complaint about the GoPro would be removing the camera from its housing in order to charge it. I don’t need to remove the camera for any other reason, the camera is wifi and allows me to download and look at the pictures on my phone or tablet. However, I am not the only GoPro…

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Get Ready for the iOS 8 Update Tomorrow

Get Ready for the iOS 8 Update Tomorrow

Tomorrow on Wednesday, Apple will release the final version of iOS to million of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users across the the world. If you have an iPhone 4s, iPad 2, and 5th gen iPod touch you’ll be able to grab the newest version of iOs once Apple list the update on its servers. As previous updates have gone we can expect errors, server overloads, and slower downloads during peak times. We…

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Microsoft is Buying Mojang for $2.5 Billion

Microsoft is Buying Mojang for $2.5 Billion

Microsoft confirmed this morning that it’s buying massively popular game Minecraftand the studio behind it, Mojang. The purchase amount is $2.5 billion. Don’t panic: Microsoft says it “plans to continue to make Minecraft available across all the platforms on which it is available today: PC, iOS, Android, Xbox and PlayStation.” Though Microsoft is purchasing theMinecraft intellectual property —…

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What The Internet Slowdown and Net Neutrality is All about

What The Internet Slowdown and Net Neutrality is All about

Imagine if you will-

An internet where sites load at different speeds solely based off of the deepness of their owner’s pockets; The bigger companies don’t have to worry about competition from smaller independent outlets or start-ups as much anymore because their sites load faster and they know that if there’s anything consumers hate- it’s waiting. The bigger company’s site goes up fasteron…

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Prepare to Lose It In All The Right Ways: Free Destiny DLC

Prepare to Lose It In All The Right Ways: Free Destiny DLC

As many of you know, The Destiny Servers went online yesterday, and with it – A boat load (and that’s a nice way of putting it) of free DLC.

After seeing this, we knew we had to share it with you right away:

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